<strong>Mel W.</strong>
«If you want natural beautiful lashes, Lana is your lady. I go for a fill about every 2 weeks, and I always get compliments on how natural my lashes look. Her spa is clean, and it's a relaxing experience with good music. I always fall asleep while she does my lashes as she is so gentle. Her and Denise are great, as they are very accommodating with my always changing schedule. Thanks guys!»

Mel W.

 <strong>Judit N.</strong>
«I have been a client of Lana’s for many years. She makes me beautiful every two weeks when I go in for my lash fill. She uses high quality materials and she is very talented. I always get complimented on my gorgeous lashes. Her spa is very comforting and her staff is professional. Highly recommend!»

Judit N.

 <strong>Diane B.</strong>
«Lana has been doing my lashes for years and she is the best by far. I had bad experiences with lash extensions in the past and since having them done by Lana, never had an issue. They look so beautiful and natural. I get so many compliments on how beautiful my lashes are and people do not believe they are extensions! Lana you are the best!»

Diane B.

<strong>Kristie N.</strong>
«Lana is amazing!!! Her attention to detail makes you walk out feeling like you have lashes of a movie star. I often get asked if my lashes are real as the look so natural. Simply the best!!»

Kristie N.

<strong>Lindsey F.</strong>
«I have been seeing Lana for over 5 years now for lash extensions. She is the best, very meticulous and gentle! I have never been disappointed!»

Lindsey F.

<strong>Helen Z.</strong>
«I have been having my lashes done here for a couple of years. The staff are friendly and do a great job. My lashes always look wonderful and natural!»

Helen Z.