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Eyelash extensions for the first time.

Have you ever had the desire to try eyelash extensions out before, but never actually accomplished this hanker? Finally, the ideal solution for you!

The “Discovery” set, perfect to give mink eyelash extensions a test run!

Do you:
• Have sensitive eyes and are afraid you may have a reaction?
• Not want to spend more money before knowing how you will like eyelash extensions?
• Have an unpleasant experience with eyelash extensions in the past?
• Have dark and full lashes and would like to add more volume to the outer corners for the “cat eye” look?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this set is an excellent choice for you!

What is the “Discovery” set?
• 30-35 lashes per eye
• Important! This set is good for a “try” but not enough for a “full” eyelash extension look.
• This set is done with more natural, shorter lashes so it wouldn’t look too strange for your eyes. You wouldn’t want a few long lashes sticking out, right?
• This set of eyelash extensions may not be enough for people with blonde or fine lashes as it will be too obvious.
We recommend not to wait too long and get your eyelash extensions filled within one week to accomplish a beautiful fuller look.

If you have never had eyelash extensions done before, the “Discovery” set is the perfect way to determine the length and shape of lashes needed for your eye. The shape and length of the eyelash extensions will be adjusted to your first set of lashes during your next fill.

It could be done with classic one-on-one or 2D-3D volume extensions.

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