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“Do you do Mink eyelash extensions?” Lately, this is a question I’ve been asked many times. I answer yes, we do offer Mink eyelash extensions.

However, it seems as though you will get the same answer from other beauty even though the quality of their eyelash extensions are sub-par.

As a lash technician, I am deeply concerned about about clients paying for eyelash extensions that ultimately ruin their natural lashes! Lately, we are so concerned about other aspects of our health, such as exercise and nutrition; we talk about it on TV, do online searches, follow the latest trends, jog and go to yoga classes. Yet, how do we forget to take care of our eyes? With all our health regulations, how can these low quality eyelash extensions still be allowed to be sold to clients?

I’ve been seeing these cases more and more these days. Mink eyelash extensions should be a wonderful addition to your beauty repertoire, not a disaster to deal with. Please do your research of the reputable lash salon before going for eyelash extensions. Don’t be afraid to ask what qualifications they have in applying eyelash extensions; it’s your eyes, your health, and your peace of mind that are at stake if you don’t!

Have a great day!

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