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Not at all! Eyelash extensions are applied on your own natural eyelashes one by one (without touching the skin) with a specially designed bonding agent developed exclusively for eyelash extensions. This new technique is not harmful to your natural eyelashes. The adhesive dries very soft on lashes allowing flexibility and comfort.
When applied properly, eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Everyone’s experience will differ based on day to day activities but regular fills should be required every 2 to 3 weeks.
Yes, even though mascara is not really required since the eyelash extensions actually give the illusion of wearing mascara it can be worn. It must however only be a water-based mascara and we highly recommend you use the Misencil® Mascara that has been specially formulated to wear with these lashes. Care also needs to be taken in washing off the mascara and we recommend the Misencil® Facial Cleanser also available for purchase.
Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise etc. Special care is required but overall maintenance is low. We do recommend however that you do not wash your eye area for approximately 2-4 hours after Misencil® eyelash extensions application.
We do not recommend using mechanical eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions as these curlers will damage the extensions and possibly your own natural lashes. The extensions do have a natural curl but if more of a curl is required we recommend using a heated eyelash curler available to purchase!
Lash extensions come in a variety of materials. The most common are made out of synthetic polyester, silk and mink, and can range in length from short to very long.
Semi-permanent makeup, microblading, eye embroidery, micro pigmentation, 3D eyebrows: these are all the same things. Microblading is really not that confusing as long as you get the right information. Microblading is a technique in tattooing where little cuts are made and color is implanted. These cuts are not as deep as traditional tattoos therefor they usually do not last as long. It is also very important that you understand that there are two types of permanent makeup pigments: 1. Permanent makeup pigments designed for permanent makeup 2. Traditional body art (tattoo) pigments Make sure you ask your microblading artist what type of pigment they use. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let anyone use traditional tattoo pigments on your face. Regardless of price, don't do it!