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Discovery Set $100

Never had eyelash extensions done before? Would like to try but don’t know what to expect? This set is the perfect solution for you! 1-1:15 hours; 35+ lashes per eye  

1 View
classic set
Classic Set $150

The most popular and the best choice for your first set! Up to 2 hours; 65+ lashes per eye

mink eyelash
Volume Set $170+

Fuller and thicker effect for an incredibly seductive look. Perfect for brides-to-be and special occasions. Up to 2:30 hours; Up to 300 lashes per eye

classic fill
Classic Fill $50

Perfect for refill every two to three weeks; 1 hour

volume fill
Volume Fill $60+

Perfect for refill every two to three weeks; 1 hour

Touch-up $35

30 minutes