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Today I would like to touch on a question about eyelash extensions that Iโ€™ve been asked a lot. Really a lotย ๐Ÿ™‚โ€œHow long do eyelash extensions last?โ€ What I can say? There is no straight forward answer to this question.

Many eyelash extensions websites suggest that extensions will last up to 6-8 weeks. And I see it. But not all of them! And even not a lot! Donโ€™t let be tricked with this. This is in the idyllic world of eyelash extensions. But we live in the real world. Let me explain.

Our hair grows, our nails grow and our lashes grow as well. An eyelashโ€™s lifecycle is about 60-90 days from tiny baby ones to full growth and then they fall out. If you rub your eyes you may see one or two on your hands. Actually we can loose up to 3-5 a day. So if we glue eyelash extensions on a lash at certain time then when this lash falls off the extension falls off as well. This is a natural process. So, in an ideal situation eyelash extensions may hold up to two months (60 days). However, you canโ€™t put extensions on small baby lashes.

Also, our lashes are very tiny gentle things. To put on eyelash extensions we use only a small amount of a special adhesive glue. After a certain amount of time natural oils, water, humidity, and improper care may cause the glue to deteriorate.

In reality you should plan to do a touch-up on eyelash extensions after 2-4 weeks.

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